Shred of Celluloid

  • Greta Snider In Person
  • Friday, November 5, 8pm $2 members/ $3 non-members
  • CineCycle 317 Spadina Ave. Rear

Part of Fall 1993

What happens when you give each of your room-mates 100 feet of film? If you’re Greta Snider and your friends are anarchist punks, you get Shred of Sex. Armed with only a brief explanation of the workings of a 16mm camera, Snider’s room-mates explore what matters to them: sex, skateboards, playing pool, group sex, politics and sex. San Francisco based filmmaker Greta Snider brings to Toronto a program of her solo and collaborative works. From punk sub-culture (Shred of Sex, Hard Core Home Movie) to nuclear waste (NoZone), broken hearts (Futility, Mute) and organic human functions (Blood Story) Snider’s films depict the beauty and the chaos of life in the post-industrial urban landscape.