Films by Sandra Meigs

  • Friday, August 6, 8 pm $2 members/ $3 non-members
  • CineCycle 317 Spadina Ave. Rear

Part of Summer 1993

A rare solo screening of Super-8 and 16mm films by the Toronto-based artist Sandra Meigs. Her painting and installation work is extensively exhibited, studied and respected. She has also worked in performance art and as a writer, and her work in all of these media is closely related and often combined. Her strong body of films, equal to that of many better known film artists but neglected in the male-dominated film community, have been shown together only once before at The Funnel in 1983, and have yet to be written about. With humour, sensuality and a rhythmic musicality in her images, text and stories, she challenges (among other things) the traditional codes and divisions of high art and popular culture. The program includes: The Elephant Man, A Dense Fog, The Pale Omnipresent Persistence, Aphasia: Caught In the Act, The Western Gothic and Purgatorio, A Drinkingbout (and hopefully a glimpse of Meigs’ most recent film, Heaven, about her newborn baby girl).