Abbatoir presents Atroz!

  • Films, Performance, Music
  • Friday, October 2, 8pm $2 members/ $3 non-members
  • The Drake 1150 Queen St. West; 536-9948

Part of Fall 1992

Spanish for atrocity, Atroz! is a view of the world from the shadow of the slaughterhouse. This program features super-8 films and performance by local ‘art thugs’ Abbatoir. Preferring the designation ‘gang’ to ‘artists collective’, Abbatoir (whose work also includes holography, painting and postering) investigates the variety of horror and humiliation that composes life in this post-industrial 20th century hell. “We feel like truckers groping in our big jeans for an answer. There wouldn’t be truck drivers if there weren’t trucks of guts. Mickey Muerte syndrome, 500 years of Manifest Dysentery. The shit collectors of society, we pick up their sumptuous waste and shove it back up their asses. Everything’s a lie and we don’t lick spittle. Have you seen our complexions? My God! What was Hitler thinking? We are broken, make us go.”

Tonight’s screening will be followed by a performance by Lambdamage. A self-described ‘pre-industrial wall of hate’, Lambdamage couples thrash drumming with noise guitar creating a sonic barrage.

Armed Wendy Hammacott, 5 min, 1991.
“Stab. Stab. Stab. Kill. Kill. Kill. Fuck. Stab. Arm. Hate Machine. Chicken Grinding. You are a hamster on the Spuds Mackenzie wheel. Have another beer”

How to Live Rent Free in T. Town; Fuck Them and Their Leaking Dishwashers Wendy Hammacott, 6 min, 1992.
“77 Florence St. In order to escape with my life, I enlisted an acid scarred Judge who died in Vietnam to open a gaping maw leading to hell on my neighbours.”

If I Was a Little Girl Mike Hasick, 3 min, 1991.
“Each time I see a little girl of five or six or seven, I can’t resist the joyous urge to smile and say ‘Thank heaven for little girls’. Those little eyes, so helpless and appealing, one day will flash and send you crashing through the ceiling. Thank heaven for them all Ñ no matter where, no matter who Ñ without them what would little boys do.” (Maurice Chevlier, 1959)

Bishop Porkey Sodomonkey Mike Hasick, 9 min. 1992.
And what are the persons to whom you are now subordinated? Beings of a profound and recognized criminality, who have no god but their lubricity, no laws but their depravity, no care but for their debauchery, godless, unprincipled, unbelieving profligates, of whom the least criminal is soiled by more infamies than you could number.” (Marquis de Sade, 1785)

Autocannibal Dining Etiquette Mike Hasick, 6 min, 1992.
“Proper Table Manners: do not move back and forth on your chair. Whoever does that gives the impression of constantly breaking or trying to break wind. Turn away when spitting lest your saliva fall on someone. If anything purulent falls on the ground, it should be trodden upon, lest it nauseate someone. When you blow your nose or cough, turn around so that nothing falls on the table. Do not be afraid of vomiting if you must, for it is not vomiting but holding the vomit in your throat that is foul.” (Erasmus, 1530)

It That Moves Moves Sharon Holmes, 3 min, 1991.
“All about it. Innocence above error. The beaks unlocked in a mechanical, frenzied dream of survival against the spectacular sea.”

Beautiful Beast Sharon Holmes, 5 min, 1992.
“The beautiful beast is an escaped memory, a stalker, a ritual defined between worlds.”

500 Anos de Mickey Muerte NoBody, 4 min, 1992.
“Gringo blanco turista por cinco mille anos roto pinko pocs en palenque por los Mayas Yucatan.”

Obet Defy NoBody, 6 min, 1992.
“Two goofy garbagemen find a politician’s corpse in a can and a toxic waste scheme makes truck driver rock n’ roll. Artist examines a pornographic papyrus, charts a career of the loathsome fascist big cockroach and black chicken. Subjects include necrophilia, exhibitionism, transvestism, a set of Siamese twins with warring heads and a woman with two sets of obnoxious neighbours. Blood thirsty crushing of opposition and principally his ability to remain in power until Bad Jenie Jeannie corks Good Genie Jeannie.”

Untitled Roger Stubenbeck, ? min, 1992.