The Almanac Project

  • Owen O'Toole In Person
  • Friday July 13, 8pm, $2
  • The Purple Institution 42 Gladstone Ave.

Part of Summer 1990

Almanacis a collaborative film/mail-art project involving 250 participants worldwide. The project creator Owen O’Toole envisions it as an homage to Hollis Frampton’s calendar-based film cycles, but within the open access tactics of the mail-art movement. Each contributor sent in one reel of film (3 minutes) to represent one day of the year. O’Toole shows up to 60 of these ‘days’ at a time, in a two-projector, partly orchestrated/partly random film-performance. By design Almanac is intended to be an experiment in grass roots ways of making and showing film, where the collective whole is more important than the individual contributions.