Moving Image Installation: Pages Bookstore Window

  • By Phillip Barker
  • August 19 - September 2
  • Pages Bookstore, 256 Queen Street West

Part of Summer 1990

Phillip Barker has, with works like Trust a Boat and Magnetic Fields, taken film out of the theatre and into the realm of public spectacle. Both of these events were mounted on an epic scale, using multi-storey buildings as screening surfaces and performance sites. (Many will remember the excitement generated last summer by the staging of Magnetic Fields outside Gallery 76.)

“I work specifically with or combine elements of film, projection, architecture, music, sound, people, discarded objects, painting, poetry; integrations of real living things with the mechanics of illusion making.”

This window installation will provide and extended (14 day) context to partake in Barker’s imaginative explosion of the film site.