Abigail Child and The Brothers Quay

  • Friday November 17, 8pm $2
  • The Euclid, 394 Euclid Avenue

Part of Fall 1989

Over the course of the 1980s NYC filmmaker Abigail Child has been working on a seven part film series entitled Is This What You Were Born For? Tonight we’ll see the final four films of the series: Covert Action, Perils, Mayhem and Mercy, completed just this month. “Voyeurism, eroticism, violence and pornography are challengingly jumbled together: the result is a mixture of fluttery pictures which cloud what is real and what is not, making the questions that these films provoke all the more disturbing.” (Jane Headon, City Limits)

With images worthy of Poe and Bunuel, and imaginations so wild you will forget everything you have come to expect from animated films, we present two films by Brothers Quay, The Epic of Gilgamesh and Street of Crocodiles. Their work ranges in tone from nightmare creepiness to Pee Wee Herman zaniness, all created with puppet animation using found objects such as mold, peeling mirrors and dolls’ heads with luminous hollows.