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Fly By Night

Fly by Night

Sat., July 6, 2019
7:00 pm
Lee Lifeson Art Park
223 Gladys Allison Pl.,
North York Centre Station
North York, ON


Part of Summer 2019

Fly by Night features a dynamic sound performance by Germaine Liu, followed by an hour-long outdoor screening at night delving into the rhythms and waves of immigrant narratives that sustain and thrive in North York, ON. Fly by Night celebrates a multitude of voices including filmmakers from the Korean, Persian, Chinese communities and more. These non-traditional narratives from diverse vantage points help us to start new chapters, find what we’re after, and change every day.

Caribou in the Archive, Jennifer Dysart, 2018.
Flown Awake, Taravat Khalili, 2018.
Mnoomin (Wild Rice), Alex Fox, 2014.
Whitewashed, Nadine Valcin 2016.
Afriqueville, Raoul Olou, 2018.
Le Flan, Raoul Olou, 2013.
Abuelita, Alejandra Higuera, 2013.
Portrait of a Zamboni Driver, Nadine Arpin, 2018.
Stroke, Weibin Wang, 2017.
Ramyeon, Kimura Byol-Nathalie Lemoine, 2012.
Double-sided Tape, Fan Bo, 2018.
Moving, Leslie Supnet, 2007.
Negative Reversal, Samuel Lee, 2015.
Grief without Fantasy, Midi Onodera, 2012.

This free event is sponsored generously by the Animating Parks program with the Toronto Arts Council and in partnership with the Toronto Arts Foundation.

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July 2018 Germaine Liu
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