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Archive: Field Work A reading made by the artist Alexandra Gelis to Laboratorio Arte Alameda’s archive, in dialogue with the project (Ready) Media: Towards an Archaeology of media and invention in Mexico

Saturday April 8, 7:30 Doors/ 8 pm Screening
$8/ $5 members + students
@ CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue

Part of Winter 2017

Electronic art in Mexico has been at the vanguard investigating the relationship between art, science and technology. This program proposes a dialogue between artistic works that explore environmental issues. What happens when artists approach environmental issues using frames from anthropology, sociology, biology, genetics, etc.? New approaches will be examined through works like Exhaust by Marcela Armas, Sea Turtle Nesting & Hatching by Ximena Cuevas, and Nanodrizas by Arcangel Constantini. To further open the conversation other works by artists from South America and Canada will also be included.

Archivo- Trabajo de Campo - Files- Field work
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