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Immanent Space: Pleasure Dome New Toronto Works 2012

  • Curated by Sharlene Bamboat, Zoë Heyn-Jones & Alexis Mitchell
  • Saturday, March 31, 8pm
  • Tallulah's Cabaret, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre 12 Alexander St. Sponsored by Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, CFMDC & Vtape

Part of Winter 2012

Immanent Space: Pleasure Dome New Toronto Works 2012

It is an auspicious time for moving images in our city. 2012 has had an air of the monumental thus far; anniversarial milestones for the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) and the Images Festival, for instance, contribute to a heightened sense that it is a propitious moment for image-making communities here in Toronto.

It is with this sentiment, that we have considered the film and video work generated by our local community. Inherent in these ‘New Toronto Works’ are notions of positionality, temporality and a meditation on the spatial properties of the corporeal and the community. Invoking French philosopher Giles Deleuze, we can accept that durational aesthetics are at play in all film and video work. However, the pieces that we highlight here work together to foreground some particularly fascinating and salient spatial and temporal concerns, forcing us to re-think our engagement with the space around us as we move towards the hype created by apocalyptic uncertainty.

Deep mythological time and seasonal awakenings are explored, and historically significant trajectories of art, politics, corporeality and collapse are surveyed in these films and videos. Material and medium-specific temporal concerns – creative, formal, and exhibitional are fore-grounded. Chronologies are confounded. The performativity of space is enacted while bodies (absent or present) animate a sense of spatial confusion. Subjective, internal and non-linear states of being, seeing and knowing are rendered visible. Memory is worked upon by technologies. An eschatological temporality is intrinsic in the year 2012; the end of time is invoked, and apocalyptic anxiety in (pop) cultural discourse shivers under the surface.

It is in this spirit of temporal significance and defamiliarization that we present Immanent Space; Pleasure Dome’s New Toronto Works 2012.

Michelle Latimer & Terril Calder, Choke, 6:00
Coral Aiken, La Revue 5:00
Stephen Broomer, Memory Worked by Mirror, 3:00
Ambereen Siddiqui, Lying in Wait, 3:00
Britt Wray, Ecoleidoscope, 2:15
Cressida Kocienski, BA Chamber, 6:00
Sojin Chun & Alexandra Gelis, Cooling Reactors, 2:00
Ananya Ohri, Left To Eat Cake, 6:00
Erin Buelow, Birth of Alseides, 7:00
Faye Mullen, to be veiled, 5:00,
Wrik Mead, Manholes – Brian, 3:47
Jordan Tannahill & Nina Arsenault, Plane of Immanence, 15:00
Gustavo Cerquera, Little Fires, 1:00
Mark Kasumovic, Untitled, 4:00
Mary Porter, Jameson Avenue, 3:15

La Revue, Coral Aiken & Eve Majzels
Jameson Avenue, Mary Porter
Ecoleidoscope, Britt Wray
Manholes (Brian), Wrik Mead
Choke, Michelle Latimer & Terril Calder
BA Chamber, Cressida Kocienski
Birth of Alseides, Erin Buelow
Cooling Reactors
Left To Eat Cake, Ananya Ohri
to be veiled, Faye Mullen
Plane of Immanence
Little Fires, Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea
Lying in Wait, Ambereen Siddiqui
Untitled, Mark Kasumovic
Memory Worked by Mirrors, Stephen Broomer
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