Lauren Fournier is Pleasure Dome’s New Executive Director

The Board of Directors is happy to announce that Lauren Fournier (she/her) is the new Executive Director of Pleasure Dome. Lauren stepped into this role earlier this month, after a months-long search overseen by PD Board members Sylvia Nowak and Lee Wilkins. Lauren is a white settler curator and writer from a low-income, working-class background who has been contributing to artist-run culture in a variety of ways for over a decade. She has a practice as a filmmaker and video artist, most recently screening her work in the 2022 8 Fest and in her debut solo exhibition “Auto” Theory at Vtape in the spring. She curates media art and film programmes, organizing exhibitions and screenings for such venues as LOMAA and the Horse Hospital in London, UK. A widely-published writer, she holds a PhD in Literature and published her first book through The MIT Press. An active member of Toronto’s arts and literary communities, she has been invited to lead projects as creative director for major programming initiatives by such spaces and publications as C Magazine.

You will be learning more about her and her vision for PD in the coming months. One question that Lauren is passionate about, and which came out in conversations during the interview process, is how Pleasure Dome might reimagine, collectively and as a community, what we mean when we say  “experimental”? Who has this term historically included and who does it exclude? What might “experimental” mean, today? Looking ahead, what kinds of practices might guide Pleasure Dome and its stated commitment to experimental media in all its moving-image-based forms? Responding to these questions is one way that Lauren sees PD leading when it comes to cultivating a culture of accessibility, transparency, diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and pleasure for all in media arts and film in Canada. The Board is looking forward to working with Lauren as she carries on partnerships developed by former ED Theresa Slater and imagines new projects and initiatives.