Mission Statement

(The Preamble of Pleasure Dome)

As of September 14, 2014 as stated in the Corporation’s Patent:

  1. To nurture an appreciation within the community at large for art expressed in the media of moving images of all formats, with or without sound;
  2. To educate the community at large in the history of artists’ moving images;
  3. To make available through public exhibition, local, national and international artists’ moving images that are rarely if ever seen by the general public;
  4. To programme and exhibit artists’ moving images for the furtherance of Objects 1, 2 and 3;

Further, towards these objectives, Pleasure Dome:

  1. Actively strives to make artists’ moving images, like all other art, as accessible to as many sectors of the public as possible, through making it inexpensive to see and presenting it in innovative and engaging ways;
  2. Represents through its exhibition all aspects, genres and types of artists’ moving images on equal terms:
    • from those of the experimental film tradition, to those of video art practice, digital aesthetics, expanded cinema, performance, installation, and beyond
    • historical and international work, e.g. work representing the central trends and progressions of artists’ moving images,
    • to those that are often less shown because of their genre or format,
    • and to those that are often less shown because the makers of these works have traditionally been denied access to wide-spread exhibition;
  3. Actively seeks out input and suggestions into the selection of its programming from the artistic moving image community and the general public as a whole, and from specific interested parties, such as independent curators, other arts groups, and its membership and audience;
  4. Has a membership open to the artistic community and the general public as a whole;
  5. Does not exhibit works made by members of its programming collective and as such avoids any conflict of interest in the impartial selection of material for exhibition;
  6. Seeks to exhibit a balance of work from diverse moving image media;
  7. Fundamentally upholds the rights of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and access to information and therefore disagrees with the censorship or prior approval of any work of art in any form, and as such will not comply with the censorship, prior or otherwise, of works it exhibits.