Migratory Crisis

Oct 24, 2018
@ Unit 2
6pm | Artist talk at 8pm
$10 general admission
$5 member/student
or by donation
(no one turned away for lack of funds)

Part of Fall 2018

This event is a screening and panel discussion that brings to light the crisis in Central America as Nicaragua’s political turmoil, which began in April 2018, is forcing many to flee to Costa Rica. This presentation will include the visual material that has been created by the people in Nicaragua to portray what they are living currently. Using videos posted on social media on this conflict, artist Marton Robinson in collaboration with Marcela Araya Espinoza will reveal the attacks on Nicaraguan asylum seekers in Costa Rica. The United Nations estimates that as of July 31, 2018 about 23,000 Nicaraguans requested asylum. Despite this increase and the media’s speculation about an alleged “migration crisis”, the migratory flow between these two countries has its historical roots since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This media speculated crisis has been used as a political strategy by conservative and fundamentalist factions in Costa Rica, while through hate speech, discrimination, xenophobia and racism, are causing violent manifestations of groups identified as nationalists toward Nicaraguan refugees and migrants.  

This venue is fully accessible and scent free.

Co-Presented by aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival, Canadian Film and Media Distribution Centre (CFMDC), and Charles Street Video. 

Thank you to our sponsors! Pleasure Dome is generously supported by the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Arts Council.

Nicaragua Protests

Anti-government demonstrators take cover behind a barricade after gunfire erupted during a march against Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega in Managua, Nicaragua, Wednesday, May 30, 2018. Violence returned to protests against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's government when riot police and government supporters confronted protesters during a mothers day march to commemorate those mothers who has lost their children during the ongoing protests. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

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