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You Are In A Maze Of Twisty Little Passages All Different

Edited by Daniel Cockburn and Jon Davies 2009, 16 pages


You Are In A Maze Of Twisty Little Passages All Different, edited by Daniel Cockburn and Jon Davies, is a 16 page catalogue on the work of Toronto-based media artists Daniel Cockburn. It contains five commissioned essays:

Daniel Cockburn, Paranoid Allegonist, Doubling, Steve Reinke

Daniel. Daniel, Daniel, Sheila Heti

Three Proposals, Don McKellar

Daniel Cockburn, I Resonate with Your Maladjusted Oddness, Emily Vey Duke

Daniel Cockburn’s Attack of the Clones, Spenser Parsons

& Transcripts from seven video scripts by Daniel Cockburn

Designed by Sameer Farooq, NEW INK

Published by Pleasure Dome, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9682115-3-3

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