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Disasterologies by Mike Cartmell

2016, Disasterologies by Mike Cartmell.


This definitive volume of texts by writer and media artist Mike Cartmell includes a collection of essays written across three decades that examine reading and desire. Lacan, Blanchot, Sebald and Melville lead the charge. In his later years Mike developed a unique and unusual essay style, making ample use of quotations and multiple voices, weighing in on fringe media moments with an exuberant experimentalism. This book also contains scripts/treatments for five of his movies, along with a humorous and enlightening list of finished and unfinished films and videos.

Table of Contents:

Mike Cartmell: Sharpening the Tools by Mike Hoolboom ♦ ii
Bad Timing ♦ 12
Orphanhoodedness ♦ 13
Eat the Book ♦ 15
Scène de naufrage: Reading The Lover with Blanchot ♦ 20
Some Vocal Current Electric: Melville’s Faith ♦ 36
Landscape with Shipwreck ♦ 52
Experience Torn to Shreds/Experiments From the Granary ♦ 80
Stet ♦ 88
I Come Here For The Rites Of Your Unworlding ♦ 98
Flintmaker ♦ 116

In the form of the letter “X” ♦ 138
Ithaca ♦ 140
Room ♦ 143
O, Fortuna ♦ 144
Vocables ♦ 148

Films + Videos, Biography
Films and videos ♦ 156
Bio ♦ 158

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still from MC book
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