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Re-visioning Cultural Encounters

  • Friday, December 6, 7:30 PM $8/ $5 Members + Students
  • CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue

Part of Fall 2013

Inhabiting the border zones between art and anthropology, the works in this curated program merge representational practices typically connected to the social sciences and documentary tradition with experimental forms. Truth claims are interrogated, multiple perspectives on cultural encounters are revealed, apparati and authors are inscribed and productive dissonance is foregrounded.

Catherine Russell’s Experimental Ethnography: The Work of Film in the Age of Video (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1999) proposed a critical, dialectical and emancipatory framework through which we can consider the intersection of avant-garde and anthropological image-making. This program showcases works that question what it means to represent culture, rethinking both aesthetics and social theory.


Girl from Moush, Garine Torossian, 1993, 16 mm, 6 min.
Mosori Monika, Chick Strand,1970, 16mm, 21 min.
Jero on Jero: A Balinese Trance Seance Observed, Timothy Asch, Linda Connor and Patsy Asch, 1980, video
A Preface to Red, Jonathan Schwartz, 2010,16 mm, 6 min.
Mexico, Mike Hoolboom and Steve Sanguedolce, 1992, 16 mm, 35 min.

a preface to red
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