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Annual New Toronto Works Show

  • Curated by Iris Fraser, Bonny Poon & SR Palm
  • Saturday March 7, 8pm $8/ 5 members
  • Latvian House, 491 College St.

Part of Winter 2009

Join us on March 7th as New Toronto Works presents a selection of experimental films, videos and installations that confront darkness with unrelenting curiosity. Now in it’s 16th year, this annual program proffers pieces that reflect on futility and crises of identity with both satire and earnestness.

Afterparty 11pm @ Jamie’s Area, 193 Augusta Ave. with video installations and performance by New Feelings $5 or free with Latvian House ticket.

Seth Scriver – Backwards Times – loop
Tadaaki Hozumi – Thinking About Someone While Listening to Mariah Carey + Thinking About the State of America While Listening to Mariah Carey – installation loop
Jared Mitchell and RM Vaughan – Shit Storm 2:00 min.
Matt King – Artist’s Life 2:05 min.
Heather Keung – Bending Over Backwards 2:40 min.
Andrew James Paterson – 12 x 26 6:20 min.
Jesi the Elder – Push ‘em 0:55 min.
Wrik Mead – Prick 3:00 min.
Heather Keung – Bullfight 3:41 min.
Aram Collier – The Others 9:00 min.
Victoria Cheong – Shimmer Swimmer Simmer 5:24 min.
John Caffery & Kids On TV – In Every Dream Home A Heart Ache 3:00 min.
Sarah Jane Gorlitz & Wojciech Olenjik – Cloudbuster 5:00 min.
Allison Peacock – Darkness 2:00 min.
Andrew Zukerman & Winston Hacking – Tex Mex Wolfman 2:13 min.
Erika Loic – Parícutin 14:00 min.
Video installations:
Allison Peacock – Fist Up
Zeesy Powers – Quilt 3
Mark Kurzawinski – Stasis Area 2
& Performance by New Feelings
Toronto New Works
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